How Does Yumani Work for Buyers?

Yumani has thousands of products in its catalog. Simply search our database for the item you are interested in buying and post the item to Yumani. If you don't see your item, we've designed a simple tool for you to accurately describe the item you want to buy. We then notify sellers of your request and the bidding begins! When your auction expires, you can then choose to accept or decline your lowest offer!

Search our database for the item you want to buy. Don't see it? You can also post something new.

In our database, you will find thousands of items preloaded to make your request as simple as possible. Find the
item you want to post for sellers to bid on and click Post This Item. It's that simple!

Once you find the item you are looking to post, Yumani gives you the option to modify or add important
information to the listing. This gives you the ability to specify size, color, etc.

Post your item and let the auction begin!