Yumani FAQ

Getting Started
  • What is Yumani?

    Yumani is an online marketplace where Buyers can post an item they want and have Sellers bid competitively until a deal is reached. Yumani facilitates these transactions, as well as providing a host of additional features and functionality to support buying and selling activity.

  • How do I sign up for Yumani?

    Simple. We don't need much. Just go to the
    sign up page and you can get started now!

  • Where does Yumani work?

    Yumani is currently available in the United States.

  • What differentiates Yumani from other online marketplaces?

    At Yumani, all listed items are buyer requests. Sellers can easily post their inventory on Yumani. Educated buyers that know what they want finally have an opportunity to request it, and have sellers compete for their sale.

  • How does Yumani save me money?

    Yumani saves both the Seller and Buyers money. With Yumani, there are no fees for a Seller to make a bid. The only time there is a fee on Yumani, is after a sale has been made.

    Buyers are given tools to upload and post items they are interested in acquiring directly to the site. Buyers watch as Sellers actively compete for their business, competition that ultimately lowers the final price of an item.

  • What is Yunite?

    Yumani offers Buyers the ability to form buying groups (Yunite) based on specific items Buyers are requesting. Through social tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., Buyers can invite anyone they know to join their Yunite auction. The Yunite group auction is then set and Sellers compete for the whole order. The larger the group, the lower the prices will go!

  • Media Inquiries

    Please send all media inquiries to info@yumani.com.

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